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Lungu Vybz Reggae is a sharp group comprising of six youth between the ages of six and nineteen from Columbus, Ohio. Having been acute learners and observers of roots reggae music from birth and throughout their lives, Lungu Vybz members, are naturally inclined to aim for purified quality sounds of roots reggae.

Their influences are gotten from and rooted in the work of great pioneers and icons of roots reggae music such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Such a significant impact on the group is a factor at the center of what one sees in their performances and creations. Lungu Vybz music delivery is always pure roots and culture reggae tunes that caters to the core needs of reggae lovers who appreciate authentic substance of this unique genre.

Lungu Vybz is well-known for its non-stop high energy and combustible entertainment and theatrics during its shows. It speaks a lot to the youthful ages and active tendencies of the band members. The respect and valued approach attributed to the yearning of pleasing and entertaining the fans, inherently compels and drives Lungu Vybz to always be on top of its game and dish out electrifying shows.

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